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Estimated Costs

Estimated cost (in millions) - total

Commercial District Infrastructure Improvements

(streets, sidewalks, lighting, pedestrian crossings, signals, public spaces, landscaping)


Replace Fire Stations 3 & 6


Fire Station 4, 5 & 8 Renovation/Seismic Upgrade


Maintenance & Operations Center Replacement


Marine Park 

(park redesign and development)


Wintler Park

(turf, tables, benches, plant beds, signage, ADA features)


Fenton Park

(new community park)



Shaffer Park

(park redesign and development)



David Douglas Park

(park redesign and development)



Bagley Park

(park redesign and development)



Improve Outdated/Unsafe Parks

  • Kevanna Park

  • Father Blanchet Park

  • Fruit Valley Park

  • John Ball Park

  • Arnada Park

  • Quarnberg Park

  • Columbia Lancaster Park

  • Jaggy Road Park

  • Peter S. Ogden Park

  • Oakbrook Park

  • BBC School Park

  • Homestead Park


New Neighborhood Parks

  • Undeveloped Lincoln 

  • Undeveloped Rose Village 

  • Undeveloped George & Hazel Stein

  • Undeveloped Landover Sharmel

  • Undeveloped Hambleton

  • Undeveloped Lauren

  • Undeveloped Meadowbrook Marsh


Estimated cost (in millions) - annually

Implement Commercial District Plans


Citywide Traffic Safety Improvement Program 

(one new staff position; public outreach/education)


Citywide Pedestrian and Bike Infrastructure Improvements 

(staff; public outreach/education)


Rapid Response Rescue Units/Fire Department 

(add four, 2-person, paramedic staffed units)


Fire Prevention Program 

(implementation; public outreach/education)


Fire Sprinkler Program 

(implementation; grant program funding)


Problem Oriented Policing Unit/Police Department 


Homelessness Services and Response

  • Homeless/Mental Health Assistance Resource Team   

  • Homelessness clean-up program (regular clean-up program for areas impacted by homelessness)

  • Homeless facility operations (support operations of day and overnight homeless facilities)


Fee Reductions for Low-Income Participants in Parks & Recreation Programs


Summer Playground Program

(expand program locations, hours and meals served)


Multi-lingual Outreach Program

(three coordinator positions)


Expand the Citywide Community Events Program 

(three coordinator positions)


At-Risk Youth Program

(one coordinator position)


Culture, Arts & Heritage Program

(one manager position; funding for public art, grants, and  cultural programs/ events)


Neighborhoods Program

(one coordinator position; funds for a neighborhood grants program)


Downtown Business Improvement District

(develop and implement)


Parks Maintenance

(to support new parks)


Update (Oct. 2020): A Stronger Vancouver initiative was placed on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City Manager's Recommended 2021-22 Budget includes revisiting the initiative in 2021. It is anticipated that City Council will begin discussions about a path forward in early 2021.

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