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Update (Oct. 2020): A Stronger Vancouver initiative was placed on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City Manager's Recommended 2021-22 Budget includes revisiting the initiative in 2021. It is anticipated that City Council will begin discussions about a path forward in early 2021.


Parks cultivate connections between neighbors and nature. They increase property values, safety and the livability of our community. A Stronger Vancouver would create new neighborhood parks in areas of the city where access is limited and build or redesign new community parks for large events and organized recreation: 

Build New Neighborhood Parks 2.jpg


Neighborhood parks are designed for personal recreation, like taking your children to the playground or getting your steps in on a walking path.


Neighborhood parks may include features such as: ADA compliant playgrounds, benches, picnic tables, walking paths and green space. New parks will be located where access to parks is limited:

West Vancouver Parks: Lincoln (4900 NW Franklin); Rose Village (Corner of T & E 35th streets)

Central Vancouver Parks: Meadowbrook Marsh (N side of Burton Rd.); George & Hazel Stein (9800 NE 6th Cir.) 

East Vancouver Parks: Landover-Sharmel (NE 18th St.); Lauren (NE 124th); Hambleton (SE 39th & SE 171st streets)

Build New Community Parks.jpg
Community parks are designed for organized recreation activities and large events that connect neighborhoods and encourage economic growth.
In addition to fully-inclusive playgrounds, they may include amenities like sports fields, event spaces, dog parks, water features, fitness areas, interpretive resources for wetlands or other natural spaces, restrooms and parking.
The new community parks will serve residents in rapidly growing areas of east Vancouver:
  •  Raymond E. Shaffer Park (Corner of NE 58th & NE 76th streets)
  •  Fenton Park (6800 NE Fourth Plain Blvd.)
Redesign Existing Community Parks.jpeg
Revitalize existing parks near central Vancouver community hubs. The redesigned parks will expand recreation opportunities with unique amenities:
  • Bagley Park (4807 Plomondon St.): Additional amenities may include a community event space, off-leash dog park, sports fields and a fully-inclusive playground
  • Marine Park (SE Marine Park & Columbia Way): Additional amenities may include trails, a water feature, expanded picnic shelters and increased parking
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